Terms and Conditions for Use of Website

The wubui.com website (“WU”) is an online workout site delivered through and under the operations of Flymo Ventures Ltd. (“Flymo Ventures”). These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) govern the use and access WU. Any person who desires to become a subscriber (“Subscriber”) of WU must accept and agree to these Terms. Thus, you are advised to thoroughly read and peruse these Terms before subscribing to WU. By accessing using WU, you also hereby bind yourself to these Terms as a legal agreement (“Agreement”) with Flymo Ventures.


The WU website provides you the opportunity to join its online workout universe site, and enjoy its features for enhanced user experience. During your use and access of WU, you commit to Flymo Ventures and other subscribers of WU that you will be responsible in using the internet, observe proper online etiquette, and stay polite while exploring and using the website.

By signing up to of WU, you concur with this Agreement through all legally possible means and recognize that you irrevocably agree to all the clauses, requirements, duties, guarantees, and other provisions in this Agreement. You will hold WU free from any liability or responsibility for any action or inaction of any Subscriber, user, or any other person who may have read or known these Terms. These Terms are originally drafted in the English Language. All of its interpretations shall be construed based its original English text. The original English version of the Terms shall prevail if and when it or any related document or notice is translated into any other language.


It is necessary that all users of WU must be of legal age. All users who are under the age of 18 years are explicitly forbidden to access . Thus, you hereby represent and guarantee that you are at least eighteen (18) years of age, and are legally capable of entering into agreements akin to this. Parents and legal guardians are strongly advised to regulate and oversee their children, wards, and minor’s web access and visited sites, so that the latter maybe prevented from accessing content and/or published information that could be detrimental to their growth.

In the event an unemancipated minor, as described by applicable and his/her state laws, provides incorrect information to gain access to the site, his/her parent or legal guardian shall be solely responsible for the damage caused by such action and incorrect information.

This policy is in line with the practical impossibility of controlling the age of users who access and enter WU.

You are required to maintain a physical address in the country where WU offers its services. For more information about this matter, please contact [email protected] WU employees and their families are prohibited from participating in the site.


All subscribers must provide their correct and up-to- date information when using WU.

All subscriber accounts are non-transferable. You are reminded to ensure that you are providing the correct email address. The email address that you use for the registration is where WU will send you a welcome email. In most cases, you are also accountable for all activities performed under your account. Any incorrect use of your account may lead to its suspension or the banning of your subscription in WU.

Paid Trial Subscription

If you opt to sign up for a paid trial subscription, the trial period shall automatically end on its expiry date, and the membership shall automatically start on the same date, unless you end your subscription within the trial period. WU offers different standard trial periods, which are based on the kinds of promotions available on the site. You are advised to examine the complete details about any specific promotion for which you intend to sign up. Immediately after signing up for a paid trial subscription, you will be entitled to access to WU as a trial member, accordingly to the subscription you have chosen. Your regular subscription shall automatically start upon the expiration of the trial period.


Once you sign up on WU, you have to provide certain information about your preferred payment method, e.g. credit card or debit card details. Upon registration, the payment method may be authorized to charge payment for one month of service. Your access to the WU will be cancelled to reflect an accessible charge in case your available balance or credit limit will not cover the full subscription. Your monthly subscription shall automatically be renewed upon its expiration.

Membership Fees:

The monthly subscription costs from 9 EUR to 59 EUR a month, depending on membership chosen.

Terms of Payment

The monthly fee will be charged immediately after the expiration of your seven (7)-day trial membership.

All charges will be automatically completed from your chosen payment method. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can ask for its cancellation by sending an email to [email protected].

Please provide the exact email address, name and address you used during your registration.

You can make payments to WU through Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, and American Express, and other credit or debit cards listed on the site. All charges and fees are automatically billed and completed through your chosen card. You must own the card, or the owner of the card must have allowed you to use it, so that you can use it to make payments. WU will not be held liable for any fraudulent use of any card or payment method in the site.

WU never keeps your card details. Payments made to WU are secured by an SSL encryption, and a third party online payment gateway processes all payments and their related information.

WU retains the right to change payment terms, prices, and the content of its offers and services. In the event that WU will change subscription prices, current subscribers will be notified at least thirty (30) days before the change takes effect. If you wish to object to the change, you must communicate your objection to WU through its Customer Service or cancel your subscription within the said thirty-day period. Changes will automatically take effect for all new subscribers.


If you wish to raise a dispute concerning your payment(s), please immediately inform the WU Customer Service through [email protected].

Refund Policy

You may only be entitled to a subscription fee refund if you have not availed the benefits of your subscription. First time you login to your account is considered as you've availed the WU benefits. To request for a refund of your last payment, you must file your request to[email protected] within fourteen (14) days from the renewal date of your subscription. Subscriptions are non-refundable after the first thirty (30) days from the signup date. Your subscription will be automatically cancelled and your access revoked once the refund has been made. Unfortunately, you will no longer receive a welcome present, nor participate in the competitions. If a chargeback has been given on your subscription fee, you shall no longer be entitled to any refund. The trial subscription fee is not refundable.

Overdue Balance / Chargeback

Should you have any unsettled fee or any owed money to WU, you must settle the same within reasonable time. Such “reasonable time” will be determined on a case-to- case basis. Accounts with overdue balances or chargebacks that are not settled within the reasonable time may be blacklisted. Subscribers with unsettled accounts run the risk of having their case referred to a debt collector, in which case the overdue amount must be settled directly with the latter.

Promotional and Special Offers

If you are a new subscriber and have registered through one of our online offers you might(If the offer states it) be able to receive a welcome present, and/or participate in a competition, if you follow the following procedures:

1) To receive the welcome gift and/or participate in the competition you must send a government approved photo ID and a utility bill to [email protected] - Once we have confirmed your identity you will be approved in the system, and WU deletes all your information.

2) Keep your trial subscription active within at least first twenty-four (24) hours from your sign up to the trial subscription.

The welcome present will then be delivered to you as soon as possible. In the event that there will be a shortage of a particular promotional offering, WU will send you a similar product or the same product in a different color. WU will not be held responsible for any late delivery. If the product is not delivered to you, you must file for a claim within forty-five (45) days after the shipment date.

Should the welcome present be damaged, defective or incorrect upon its arrival, please see our “Return Policy”. You will need to shoulder the shipping fees in case you need to send the welcome present back to us. Shipping fees for returns are not refundable. A household, credit card, IP address and physical person shall only receive one promotional offering, such as welcome present, provided there are available stocks. The use of shared connections, such as but not limited to public places, shall be deemed fraudulent and will result into the automatic cancellation of the concerned subscription. The member will receive the welcome present when all requirements are met, and the shipping cost has been paid by requesting an invoice from [email protected].

Shipping Cost

Wubui.com ships wordwide for €39 euros per welcome present.

Return Policy

Wubui allows you to return a defective, damaged, or wrong product, provided it is in such state upon its arrival. Please send your request for return to [email protected] within seven (7) days from your receipt of the product. Used products cannot be returned.


Your monthly subscription shall automatically be renewed upon its expiration.


You may receive the following from WU during your subscription to the website:

• E-mails that welcome you to the website and updates (new email, comment, question, features, etc.) about your account. You may also receive a new password in case you opt to change or have forgotten your password.

• Commercial offers that interests you or offered to all of subscribers. These offers are exclusively sent through WU, WU’s cooperation partners or its partner websites.

• Updates and information about WU and its affiliations with third parties.

• User surveys that are designed to improve you user experience in WU.

• Third-party advertisements with products and services that may interest you. You can opt to not receive these emails at any time by clicking on the link located at the bottom of all emails or by contacting customer service at [email protected]


If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can ask for its cancellation by sending an email to [email protected]. Please provide the exact email address, name and address you used during your registration. Your account will stay active until the end of the subscription period. A request for cancellation that is sent after the corresponding subscription has been renewed shall not terminate the current subscription. Such current subscription will remain active until its expiration date.


Please settle your credit card payments before the exact renewal date of your current subscription period to avoid unintended deactivation of your subscription. Early payments shall not affect the original subscription period. Your access to WU will automatically be deactivated in case of non-payment or as soon as your subscription expires.

Terms of Use of Account

By contributing any content on WU, you acknowledge that you have all the rights or have consent from all rightful owners of the contributed content to do so. WU retains the right to seek compensation for any loss in connection with a subscriber who contributed content to which he or she did not have the rights. You have the responsibility to shoulder all the costs and equipment (e.g. computer, software, telecommunication systems, etc.) necessary to navigate the WU site.

Intellectual Property

All intangible properties of WU, including but not limited to copyrights, texts, pictures and logos are protected by Copyright Laws. No subscriber is allowed to directly and indirectly use any of these right, properties, or any part of the site without prior written consent from WU, and their unauthorized shall constitute a violation of all applicable and relevant laws. Any violation of such kind shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, including an immediate injunction order from a competent court.


You are allowed to use WU exclusively for private purposes. You are expressly prohibited to use the site for any professional advertisement, promotional or commercial purpose. Likewise, you cannot use the site to publish offensive and degrading content, most particularly if it based on race, sexual orientation, political, or religious beliefs. WU reserves the right to delete/modify accounts, which have, according to the site, projected a behavior irreconcilable with its principles or with other subscribers’ interests.


Acts of omissions of a subscriber that will lead to any of the following will give WU the right to deny the subscriber the access and use of the site, even without warning:

• Abuse of service.

• Any violation of these Terms.

• Distributing the information of other subscribers.

• Unlawful, unethical, negligent or any other behavior that can be taken as harassment towards other subscribers.

• Fraudulent accounts.

• Generally unacceptable behavior.

Any content or cases that can be construed as direct violation of the law will be reported to the relevant authorities, together with all the necessary information including about the offending subscriber.

Customer Service

If you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to contact our Customer Service through [email protected] during working days from 10:00am to 17:00pm CET. Respond time for email is 24hours. WU will not be responsible for any unresolved request from subscribers who did not complete the approval process, described under “Promotional and Special Offers”